About Us

Our Mission
We are committed to providing easy to use electronic hardware and computer software for use with table top animated models and mechanisms. We have developed our products based on the assumption that most of our users will want to spend more time with their models than trying to get their computers to control them. We do this by putting control of outputs to motors and inputs from a variety of sensors right at your fingertips, on the computer screen, without the need for any programming ability. Success is assured with detailed tutorials and training material.
Development started a few years back when I met Michael Adler, a well known builder in Meccano of robots, who was trying to add computer control to a robotic hand. He wanted his robotic hand to solve the “Towers of Hanoi” problem (you can visit the showcase section of the site and watch the robot in action) without the need for complex programming. This captured my interest and presented me with a challenge. I had experience with electronics and programming, and here was the need to control an interesting piece of machine with stepper motors and with feedback from sensors, to record all the movements and repeat them; and do it all from the computer screen without having Michael to write a single line of computer code. That’s how “Teach” and Code7 computer control was born. I made it easy for Michael to realize his dream.


From our customer's feedback we realized that some of you want more flexibility so in our latest software release we included the StepperBoardClass, a library that allows programmer to write custom applications that interact with the Stepper Board.
Enrique Nivasch
Raanana, Israel
November 2012