Download Product Information Videos

Product overview

In this video we give you a general description of the Stepper Controller (File size: 32MB).

What can I do with it
This video shows how you can control your models using the Stepper Controller Software (File size 35MB).

Will I Know how to use it
If you think controlling your model from a computer is a complicated and intimidating task take a look at this video, in it we explain who is the typical user of the Stepper Controller (File size 49MB).

We know that working with computers can be intimidating; this is why we have a complete set of training tutorials. In this video we show you what training material you get with the product (File size 32MB).

Not sure if the Stepper Controller will run in your computer? Her we give you all the specifications of the hardware and software you need on your computer to use the program (File size 40MB).

How does it work

In this video you will get a bird's eye view of the internals of the Stepper Board and the Stepper Controller (File size 33MB).