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Printed material

Relay tutorial

Relays are the components the StepperBoard uses to control external electrical devices. Follow this tutorial to learn how to properly use your StepperBoard relays. (File size 7MB).

Getting started
What do you do after you get your new Stepper Controller kit in the mail? This simple one page leaflet will give you the answer (File size 172KB).

Stepper Controller tutorial support material
This is the user guide that accompanies the Stepper Controller video tutorials. Each video has a corresponding section in this guide that reinforces the concepts we covered in the video (File size 12MB).

StepperBoardClass C# tutorial
If you plan to write your own programs in C# this tutorial will give you all the information you need. It starts by explaining the basic concepts of the PC to Board communications. Then it goes into writing console applications that interact with the Stepper Board. Next it covers the details of programming GUI applications. In the last section it introduces state machines and shows how to incorporate them into a GUI application. At the end of the guide you will find a complete reference for all the methods in the class and the additional information you will need to write your own custom programs (File size 65MB).

Video tutorials


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File size 62MB

Motors and switches

File size 99MB

More on motors

File size 111MB

Intro to teach

File size 104MB

Positions and steps

File size 55MB

Home position

File size 74MB

Navigating the sequence

File size 51MB

Editing positions

File size 91MB

Editing steps

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